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im not tellin, United States
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i like cheese and .......apples and.........um um um Green Day!!!!o and if you play runescape add to your friend list dan 90210!
runescape.com/dan 90210

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Dec 14 2008 10:43AM
sup people i need more friends so plzz talk to me and add me to friends list plz!!rock on!
Aug 25 2008 12:25PM
talk to me if you havce a runescape account
Jul 7 2008 7:01PM
Green Day RX!!!!!!!!!!
if you like green day or fall outboy send me a mesage
Jul 7 2008 6:42PM
it rocks
thisrocks i got my runescape account back so if your happy for me please talk to me
Jun 29 2008 6:30PM
this sucks
this sucks my runescape got hacked if u feel sorry for me talk to me plz!!!!
Jun 6 2008 5:08PM
talk to me
some 1 plz talk to me im so board!!!!!
May 17 2008 5:39PM
if u play runescape give me a message
Mar 2 2008 6:29PM
Green Day
heyif u like green day send me a messege or if u like soulja boy send me a messege
Mar 1 2008 5:52PM
soulja boy
yo if u like soulja boy send me a messege
Mar 1 2008 5:44PM
send me a shout out
send a shout out if your my friend. just so i know.


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Jun 19 2008 9:32AM

1st comment jus showin som lov 2 ur page!!!!!!

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