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lord knows it wasn't easy, believe me. never thought that you'd be the one to deceive me.

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Aug 2 2010 10:15PM
Não vou chorar se você quiser partir, as vezes a distância ajuda,
e essa tempestade um dia vai acabar... Só quero te lembrar de quando a gente andava nas estrelas,
nas horas lindas que passamos juntos... A gente só queria amar e amar...
E hoje eu tenho certeza que a nossa história não termina agora, pois essa tempestade um dia vai acabar! ♥
Nov 11 2009 1:25AM
Alcohol in yuh hand, dank in yuh pocket. Hommie u ain't no gangsta.
Wait til u start breathin thru tubes. . letz see if a n*gga gonna holla atchuu.
Oct 17 2009 3:33PM
Life changes every minute of the day, you lose friends, and you gain friends, you realize your friend wasn't ever really your friend. & the person you used to hate can really be ur best friend. You look for love, you find love and you lose love. You realize all along you've been loved. You laugh. You cry. You laugh so hard you cry. You do this, you do that, you really wish you hadn't done that. You than learn from that and are glad you did. You have your ups and then u have your downs. You see good movies, you see bad movies. You wonder if your life was just one big movie. You look at others and wish you were them, you than realize who they are and are glad you're you. You love life, then you hate life. In the end, you find yourself happy to be living life, no matter whats thrown you down (L)
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Aug 29 2010 3:01PM

Why Yew leavinq Diz site??
May 16 2010 6:03PM

here ya go :)
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