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Kayla Aline; 15; bisexual; taken<3 I can be a bitch, but for the most part im a sweetheart. Im pretty wild && want to do alot with my life, ask me about it? I play softball, and it keeps me busy. #6 baby ;)

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Jan 7 2010 10:45PM
Lexi has died.
Sam has died.
now Granny has died.

My life seem to be crashing down.
I dont what to do.
I just wanna get away from everything.
I want all the pain to go away.
I just wanna get back to be happy again.
I wanna be myself again.
I just want it to go all back the same.
My heart will never be the same again.
never ever.

R.I.P. I love you guys <33


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