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wat up yall dis yo gurl Treasure. yall kno y dats ma name cuz i bring you treasure! yall holla at yo gurl anytime, u know imma hollabac. and by da way..... UMMA DO ME AND IF U DONT START NO STUFF, IT WONT BE NO STUFF!!!!!

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Jun 26 2008 5:33PM
ay all ma friends. yall need 2 leave me sum comments 4 real, i promise 2 comment u bac
Jun 9 2008 9:52AM
if u dont already have her as a friend, dont EVA add her then. BLOCK HER AWS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! she will get on ur nerves. this is wat happened to me: i was messaging sum ppl wen i had got a message from her. since i was doin otha stuff i did not kno dat she had messaged me. so wen i saw that she messaged me, i was about 2 read it nd i noticed that she had sent me 2 messages nd da second said dat i was 2 scared to message her bac nd a whole buncha other crap. it turned out, dat since i hadant messaged her bac quick enuff, she thought i wasnt gone message her bac at all, so she called me scary cat, wuss, nd a wholen lotta otha words that i cant even keep track of. SO DONT EVA LET HER GET 2 U.!
Jun 3 2008 8:20PM
im so excited
skool iz almost ova yall. 4 me i got one more day and a hour leftcuz i get out on june 5th. i cant wait
Apr 27 2008 3:50PM
4 all ma friends
wats up yall. y iz yall leavin me hanging, LEAVE SSUM COMMENTS 4 MA SAKE. dey dont even gotta be sayin da regular, like, "hey' or "u so cool"
Apr 27 2008 12:56AM
yo i am too excited about my upcoming dance recital. but im nervous 2 cuz we still gotta finish learnin sum dances, and itz in less than a week.
IM DYIN OVA DIS!!!!!!!!!!!1
Apr 12 2008 9:29AM
look imma tell u right now, i aint no stalker so if i add u dont deny. ight peace
Mar 27 2008 9:34PM
yo wat^
wat ^ ma peeps! yallo kno yall bored so come on and holla at yo gurl, i need some1 2 talk 2
Holla @ yo gurl Treasure


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Apr 13 2008 11:19AM

Thanx Treasure my big sis! u no we got raw names!
Apr 3 2008 4:25PM

showin some luv from luv from Da king Nlaze
Apr 1 2008 4:56PM

i mean when u get online bye!! lol

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