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Scene/Emo/Goth. Screamo!! Bisexual. Bipolar. ADHD. ADD. OCD. Anime/Manga. Crazy gorgeous! Single<3

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Jun 8 2010 11:25PM
Formspring Me!
Jan 23 2010 11:15PM
My First Time(:
The sky was dark
The moon was high
All alone
Just her and I
Her hair so soft
Her eyes so blue
I knew just what
She wanted to do
Her skin so soft
Her legs so fine
I ran my fingers
Down her spine
I didn't know how
But I tried my best
To place my hand
On her breasts
I remember my fear
My fast beating heart
But slowly she spread
Her legs apart
And when she did it
I felt no shame
All at once
The white stuff came
At last it's finished
It's all over now
My first time
Milking a COW!
Dec 31 2009 2:30PM
My New Years Resolution
Today is a day for me to reflect on my past year. Its been a rocky year. It hasn't been the best. A couple unexpected things happened, and alot of things took a wrong turn down memory lane.
I think of how i want this year to go. What goals i wanna set for myself. I know i didn't reach some of my goals that i set last year. But im not superwoman. As i sit here and think, i find myself asking the same question. Will i reach any of my goals this year?
My goals aren't high and mighty. There actually small goals, but i feel that i need to take baby steps to reach each of my goals.
One major goal i have this year is i wanna become a better person. I want to become a good friend to those i have treated wrong in the past. I feel like i had no reason to treat them like i did, when all they were doing was trying to be there for me. To have my back like friends do. I want to prove to them that i can be a different person.
I've changed so much over the year, not looks wise. But personality wise. I had no excuse for most of the things i did and said this past year. I hope that as this new year begins, im forgiven for my past actions. And that we all can once again be friends. My actions are sometimes wrong, but my intentions for it are nothing but good. I know that me and alot of other people dont see eye to eye, but its time for a change, and im willing to be the batter who steps up to the plate in this ballgame to make that change.
This is my new years resolution
Jul 3 2009 8:15PM
Who I Am
To most people i'm the quiet girl, who sit's in a corner all to herself. But i'm different than that. I'm basically a normal teenage girl, just like every other girl in this world. People sometime's find it hard to except me, because of the way i dress. I dress in band t-shirt's or black shirt's. And skinny jean's. With the black converse's. I wear my make-up like noone else. People would usually say i'm weird. Or other's. More than likely say they don't know me. Because. Well i don't really socialize much. And some just say that i'm Gothic/Emo. To me. Those are just label's. You are who you are. Most people are intemidated by the way i dress, act, and pierce myself. I have a lipring, bellybutton ring, and my nose is peirced. I'm learning how to play guitar right now. And i'm pretty big on Anime or Manga.. And this is who i am...


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Jan 17 2010 5:01PM

heyyy :)
Jan 4 2010 3:30PM

Oh That's good.
Dec 31 2009 8:32AM

There is my emma! :P
Hows your guy freind doing?
& How are you?
Dec 15 2009 8:07PM

i'm sorry!
Nov 27 2009 6:55PM

Jun 11 2009 5:37PM

hey, im a lez.....will u go out with me? lol.........jk
Jul 22 2008 3:12PM

srry i havent been here in a while
Mar 11 2008 7:04PM

hey wuts upo with u?!
Mar 9 2008 9:25PM

hey wats up just showing ur page some luv
Mar 7 2008 1:35PM

commeting you
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