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Oct 21 2007 2:03PM
talk to me
before we go to school tommorrow!
Oct 21 2007 10:11AM
about me!
Hi !!! I live in Miami, Florida! The best place to live!
I like to dance, write, read (but not so much, act and play fun stuuff, mostly anything fun you can think of! I have much going on in my life that makes it hard for me to deal and/or live with! My best friends are dreivis, claudia, taina, yasmin,and abigail! If you know me yall should know by now that my hugs are oh so special! I dont like rich b****y snobs that only think about themselves and dosent like to share or anything and I dislike people who think they are better than everyone! My pet peeves are people who breathe in my ear or over my shoulder/neck! That really ticks me off! My semi-enemies are angie, helen hernandez, stephanie vassallo, rene soto, jose dominguez, christopher fernandez, and enrique diaz! They are the only people in the school that I really hate! Ok other than that you know some stuf about me but there is alot more I can write forever about myself not that im saying I will, I can probably right 10 chapter books about my life! But I wont! lol Did I mention I like to talk alot andf have alot of conversations? I talk really fast, well my friends think I do cause I think I dont! But since im writing so much you can tell I type fast cause I like to talk and talk and nevere stop, cause itz always interesting on what I have to say, usually more interesting than others cause I always have something to say and thats why I can never shut up! I even admit it I can never shut up! Cause me and my friend ashley like to talk forever coz we talk fast coz we want to get what isin our mind out of our mind, so when we have a conversation we just change the subject so people can hear us out then they can say whats on their mind! ok im tired of talking why dont you say whats on your mind? lmao


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