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Nov 29 2010 2:39PM
I'm So Done With Everything
Goodbye MFG
I'm Sorry
I Can't Stand Anything Anymore
Excuse Me While I Wallow In Self-Pity
And Die Slowly As I Watch The World Go On

Nov 23 2010 7:04PM
Hey Pplz
Just Loggin On For A Few Minutes
Been Gone For A Few Days
It's Tuesday Today
I'll Be Back In About A Week
Going To The Grand Canyon
Gunna Be Great!!
Love You All ♥♥

Nov 19 2010 1:45PM
Yesterday: The Worst Day Of My Life - Headache All Day (killed me - - ); Felt Like Someone Was Digging A Sword Into My Back, Into My Leg; Really Good Friend Had A Dream He Was Going To Die; Great-Grandma Died; Got b****ed Out By Someone Idk; Found Out Best Friend Is A Boy-Using Whore; Took Very Important Test - Failed Miserably -.-
& The Bad Keeps Coming. Leaving For Awhile; Don't Miss Me <|3<|3
Hope I OD On Ibprofin!!
Nov 18 2010 11:48PM
I have no prior forms of failure.
I’ve payed the price so I take what’s mine.

I past the day and see no one coming
Cause I do it sideways, apologize for nothing.
My time is flying past, still second to none.
Always trying the brightest way, your place under the gun.
I said. So here I stand, say you’ll ease up if it will keep us. here
I won’t be held back, I can’t be held down.

Where were you when my walls came falling down? (They came falling down)
You turned to run, you stood close by
And didn’t make a sound, say something

Five years of bravery, now come back you will pay.
You decide taking your time, It’s all starting again.
It didn’t last but from the weight of the fire
Stand by your side, released at no cost
So I never gave up

Where were you when my walls came falling down? (They came falling down)
You turned to run, you stood close by
And didn’t make a sound
Where were you when it all came back around? (It comes back around)
For reasons why that passed me by, they’ll always held you down
Say Something

If you can’t stand the pressure
Stay the **** out of my way (Or you will pay)
This song goes out to everyone who’s lied to my face
My heart is filled with hate

I’m making a difference, I’m taking a chance (A chance)
You can say what you want about me
But no one can tell me I can’t

Where were you when my walls came falling down? (They came falling down)
You turned to run, you stood close by
And didn’t make a sound
Where were you when it all came back around? (It comes back around)
For reasons why that passed me by, they always held you down
Say Something
Nov 18 2010 10:05PM
This Is Endless
My Head Hurts
My Heart Hurts Even More
He's An Enraged Soilder
And It's My Fault
Nov 18 2010 5:24PM
I'm Having A Really Shiitty Day
- -
So I'm Going To Finish School For Today
And Leave For The Day...
Scratch That
Leave For The Week
And Then Next Week Is Thanksgiving Break
And I'll Be Gone
I'll See You Guyses Sometime In December...
I Hate Life
I Hope I Never Come Back
Nov 18 2010 3:38PM
1 (Jan) - I spent an hour in the closet with
2 (Feb- I spent the day with
3 (Mar) - I had subway with
4 (April)- I had sex with
5 (May) - I kissed
6 (June) -I ran shirtless with
7 (July) - I hugged
8 (Aug) - I jumped with
9 (Sept)- i partied with
10 (Oct)- i gave a hickey to
11 (Nov) - I yelled "I love you" to
12 (Dec) - i rapped

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

01 - Angelina
02 - Angela Bassett
03 - Justin Bieber
04 - someone
05-Anna Sophia Rob
06 - Taylor Launter
07 - Edward Burns
08 - Mike
09 - Vinny
10 - Jenni
11 - my boyfriend
12 - Nichole
13 - Sammi
14 - Ronnie
15 - Jack black
16 - Wesley snipes
17 - my crush
18 - a sexy B0Y
19 - Brad Pitt
20 - Orlando Bloom
21 - The bird man
22 - Kourtney
23 - A Hot Girl
24 - Angelina Jolie
25 - Paris Hilton
26 - Kim
27 - a teacher
28 - my friend
29 - Hugh Grant
30 - my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend
31 - a special celebrity

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White - because I'm sexy like that
yellow/black - because i love it
Pink - because i am so hot
Turquoise - because i like to party
Polka Dots - because I am **** drunk uh hello
Random Picture - because i am awesome like that
Gray - because I have amazing boobs.
Green - because i am crazy
Orange - because i am a fantastic person
Red - because I am so crazy like that
Blue - because I'm a sexy beast
Tye dye - because I'm a @$hole
Purple - because I am a hoty
Striped - Because I am an Italian
Nov 18 2010 3:16PM
Today Has Been One Of Those Days
That Make Me Want To Die
It's Like
I Wake Up With This Feeling
"Today, Terrible Things Will Happen"
And I'm Never Wrong.
Sometimes, It's The Best Thing To Be Wrong.
But I Wasn't Wrong Today
But You Never Know,
The Day Isn't Over Yet...
Could Get Better, Could Get Worse.
I Have A Feeling It'll All Go DownHill
But Then Again I Am A Pessamist..
- -
Just Felt Like Saying
Message Me
Love You

Nov 18 2010 12:16PM
Super Bad Headache
- -
workin on algebra II
gunna re-take my bio mid-term later today
hope i die soon
Nov 17 2010 3:57PM
I Got 69.05% on my Bio Midterm...
If I Had Gotten One More Question Right, I Would Have Passed...
Oh, Well, Maybe I Can Re-Take It?


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Dec 5 2010 12:52AM

ahaha ok then x)
Nov 17 2010 12:18PM

yes he is this crazy!!! fabio u b nice and forgive miss Lauren!! D}: (but i dont wanna) DO IT!!!!!! (fine :{D (I love u Lauren!!!)
parenthesis talkis fabio lol
-Lexi <3
Nov 16 2010 4:19PM

:{D DOWN FABSTER!!! x{P FABIO!! Down boy!!!
:{D :{D :{D :{D :{D :{D Fabio has D O M I N A T E D!!!!!
-Lexi & Fabio lol
Nov 13 2010 4:12PM

You could never fail
Nov 13 2010 4:08PM

You just had a rough time,
Dont make me bring up the vegetables again!,
To me your awesome,
I love how you understand me,
And your not fake,
Nov 13 2010 3:56PM

It dosent matter what you have do,
It only matters what youre doing,
Which is being awesomely amazing trust me,
You are you just havent had someone understand or see you the way i do,
You are amazing just the way you are,
Nov 13 2010 8:55AM

Well Im sorry for not telling you' that i had to go,
You super amazing i feel like i can tell you anything
Sadly i dont have the money to go to Clayton,
But I got a job last night Babysitting 20 bucks a night
Hopefully we will be togerther soon though
I feel like you are who you are
That there are no cover ups and fakes within you
Hope youre good
Nov 12 2010 6:09PM

Yes,you are,
Dont be modest
Nov 12 2010 6:07PM

Dude your worth my life
And thats a lot
Jk jk
That sounds like a deal
Nov 12 2010 6:04PM

The arplanes will accept
Whatever I damn well want to give them
I've been reading the whole thing
The price needs to go up.!!
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