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i am actualy 9 lol.but people think im 12 so this is my life bois :P :P

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Dec 20 2007 7:18AM
some more songs !
here r some songs >im so hood , duffle bag boi feat. lil wayne , no 1 , shawty is that **** and thats all for now folks
Dec 5 2007 7:06AM
songs i know
snap your fingers , souja boy , bartender , buy you a drink , carabolou , max-a-millon , lean wit it rock wit it , get freaky , dont matter , sexy back remix and a lot more say this is why im hot .
Dec 5 2007 6:50AM
buy you a drink
im buy you a drink i got money in the bank.we in the bed like ou ou.we dont have fun you know me on that patrol
Dec 5 2007 6:47AM
ay bay bay
wha is everyine saying ay bay bay
Dec 3 2007 7:05AM
souja boy up in my hou why me crank and why me roll why me crank that souja the sup man a youcrank that souja now why me you (<3 souja boy)
Nov 26 2007 7:12AM
so..... whats a blog ?? anyways im just gonna type wanna be my friend add me lol .anyways im jamie fav song is souja boy g2g2 school peace


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