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i luv to play and txt  ill do almost anything for anybody i no how 2 fight and im sick of almost everyone im not a bitch not inless i have 2 be one.

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Jun 24 2009 10:46PM
txt me!!!!!!!!!
sumbody txt me
Jun 18 2009 12:46AM
blame it
i luv that song its the best!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 17 2009 12:04AM
ill brb
Jun 16 2009 6:28PM
if we were locked up in my room for twenty-four hours & we could do whatever you wanted,what would you do with me?tell me in my inbox....cuz its a secret.....then repost this in your might be surprised with the respanses you get.they could make you laugh or even smile or even disgusted.
Jun 16 2009 3:58PM
ill be back on in like 15 mins
Jun 16 2009 3:24AM
im goin 2 bed bed be back on later
Jun 16 2009 12:35AM
i wish
wishin my bf was on
Jun 15 2009 11:18PM
ill brb
Jun 15 2009 10:41PM
everbody keeps on backin down from me im done with ALMOST everybody
Jun 15 2009 6:42PM
livin and luvin life
im livi life tryin 2 handle everything life throws at me and im luvin it 2 i have a great bf and great family as well as friends i dont no what i would do without them


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Sep 27 2009 3:07PM

Hey baby
Jul 26 2009 4:18AM

Sup hottie
Jun 17 2009 7:45PM

nice pic
william money
Jun 4 2009 3:45PM

hey wats good just stopping by 2 show u and your page some luv

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