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im 13 my name is sky have 2 bros. there the best and thats how im tomboyish kinda lol well im a really cool person but i've done gone threw so much shyt its stupid....i love to fight/box...i like to ice skate, swim, and hang with friends

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Mar 23 2008 9:53PM
i can say i love you
hes like a song that u cant get out of ur head..... just keeps playin over and over again and again....... and u cant get rid of it u try and try but theres nothing u can do its indestructable... i can say i know you ,but i dont, i can say i love you, but for the same reason, i wont ( froms my best friend aundray ross's poetry that he personaly explained to me wat this means .....if take it peice by piece ull understand..think bout it)
Mar 20 2008 1:19PM
words by:aundrey ross
the things we say
the games we play
we never stop to think
but from day to day
the lies we told
they start to weigh
on our shoulders
and show in our face
make us feel outta place
make us lose taste
in things we once loved
things we once cared
in what?, it dont matter
it never did, in no way to you
the words you used to uplift yourself
and put others down
how would you like it if that was all turned around
and you were the one being put down
and they were the big person in town
would u like it (no)
and they didnt either
but beware it might not matter down here
but it will be very severe up there (point up)
so next time you wanna use a choice of words
stop, think and if you woudnt sign it with your name dont say it

aundrey ross
Mar 20 2008 1:16PM
Thoughts by: aundrey ross (best frin)
Why am I allowed to feel this way
Why am I let live this day
Why do u do what u do say what u say play how u play
Then still complain
Complain about your problems
Yet no one else's matters
Love, there is no love there
Only pain left from unkept promises
Only pain left from others unclean conscience
Promises broken from times when you were little
Until times when you are old
Feelings you cant see but can be describe as so cold
Where, what, and when is love these days?
Where it is? its in the hearts of the old couples that's been together for years
What it is the sharing of two souls without tears
When it is when a man cant help but say I love you and point to a place on his chest
When else is it? When a man and woman are married and the woman swells below her breast.
Now is this love or what man has come to call it
Or is this not love and just a shallow way man has come to express their feelings
Humph now u think about it ?


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