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montana, United States
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my name is Gage I like music i'm from montana i love football i love my 4 wheeler and i'm single
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Mar 3 2012 8:57PM
im not single any more
May 27 2011 2:18PM
Sorry i have not been here for a while i've been busy


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Mar 2 2012 5:22PM

why and where did u go
Jun 23 2011 11:30AM

why do u g2g? :D
Jun 20 2011 6:14PM

That last comment was sick:)
James M.
Jan 22 2011 6:13PM

1] I need to tell you a secret LOOK AT 5
[2] The answer is LOOK AT 11
[3] Dont get mad LOOK AT 15
4] Calm down don't be mad LOOK AT 13
[5] First LOOK AT 2
[6] Dont be that angry LOOK AT 12
[7] I just wanna say hi
[8] What I wanted to tell you is...THE ANSWER IS ON 14
[9] Be patient LOOK AT 4
[10] This is the last time I'm going to do this LOOK AT 7
[11] I hope you're not mad when I say this LOOK AT 6
[12] Sorry LOOK AT 8
[13] Don't be getting a hype LOOK AT 10
[14] I dont know how to say this. LOOK AT 3
[15] You must be really mad LOOK AT NUMBER 9
James M.
Jan 15 2011 9:39AM

haha XD
There was 3 little boys..... Shut up, Trouble and Manners they was playing hide and seek. Trouble was it. Manners hid behind a tree and Shut up hid behind a mailbox.

The mailman como along. He says... "Hi What is your name" Shut up says "shut Up!" the mailman looked at the boy and said, "Where are your manners?" shut up says "Manners is behind the tree." The mailman looks at the tree. Looks at shut up and says "are you looking for trouble?" Shut up says "NO! Trouble looking for me!"

This made me laugh hope it make u laugh too!
James M.
Jan 15 2011 9:35AM

hey man :D :P

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