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My name is Jade Jackson. I LOVE HELLO KITTY! :D and i hope i can meet new friends!!!! :)
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Jan 16 2011 2:07PM
Crying out for me-Lil Waynes part
(Verse 1)-Lil' Wayne
So I met this shawty the other day
I got her numba called her up
Like what you doin' she say nothin
I say what's good
She say not much
I say guess what
She say what's up
I say I think we should hook up
She say uh
I say what
She say but
I say but why you stuck
She say ****
I say who
She say not you
I said then who
She say you know
I know what
You know who
I said I do
She said you do
I said I do but I really don't
Because it's you that I really want
And we can do what you really want
Girl we grown and if he ain't gon treat you right
Then I ain't gon treat you wrong
That's my word
And she done heard so many lies
She don't what's true or not
Shawty like a valley servers
I swear she been through a lot
But I put her car in park
And never let her cry alone
I listen to her heart beat
Because it plays my favorite song


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Jul 18 2011 1:30AM

mhmm who are you again xP

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