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My name is EMily i go to martha pucket Iive in georgia have a bf and will b friends wit anyone i like basketball soccer mud boggin and sk8tn of anykind...anything else just ask

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Jun 6 2008 7:46PM
PLZ ppl
comment ppl i need commentz I havent had any ine God knows how long so plz Holla atcha gurl!!!IIGHt
May 3 2008 10:01PM
flyy gurl iz TAKEN
hey ya'll im TAKEN!!!! i go out wit someojne who will treat me right(king54321)hez the right one and u bttr not come between us r i will beat ur ass up!!!!I luv u bby!!!!!
Apr 13 2008 2:40PM
I am
Hey ya'll im single now and I really hate it im lonelly and need someone so if ura boi and r lonely hit me up iight!!!
Apr 8 2008 8:34PM
sry pppl i am taken by someone else
Mar 14 2008 2:53PM
My name
My name is Emily Brooke B. I will not say my last name im sryy but my first name is Emily and my middle name is Brooke and my last name starts wit a B but i aINT gonna tell
Mar 11 2008 7:45PM
>>>1. a kiss on the hand= I adore u
>>>2. on the cheek= I juzz wonna b friends
>>>3.on the neck= I want u
>>>4.on the lips= i luv u
>>>>5. Ears= Just playin
>>>>6. anywhere else...lets not get carried away
>>>7.Look in ur eyes=Kiss me
>>8.playing wit ur hair>I cant live without u
>>>>9.Hands on ur waist....I luv u to much to let u go!!!!!!!!!
Mar 4 2008 8:22PM
hayya got good newz
i am SINGLE now so if u want me get me b4 im tkn again u have a chance right now so u beter get to emailin u knoe what im like bye now and im a little sweater than last timme trust me im better and will b da best gf uve ever thought or dreamed of so 5 4 3 2 1 0 go u want me email me and ill answer u !!!!!!!:)
Mar 2 2008 4:46PM
the choice iz yourz!
should i leave mostfungames and nvr come back r shold i stay and b on alot like i used to make it worth the choice.......Stay or go wich one will it B????????comment me wit ur answer i wont except email i want commentz so evryone can see so now uve read comment me and tell me wich one ..stay the one with the most votes wins and u can only answer one time....READY >> SET >>GO!!!!!
Feb 10 2008 4:42PM
ok im sry but i already have a bf and hes my man he dont have one of these but i see him all the time so i am not single so i just had to tell u that
Jan 27 2008 5:03PM
omg my butt bone hurtz really bad right now and so duz my leg cuz my horse threw ,me 3 ft in the air and i landed on my butt bone my leg and my head it hurt like crap!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 13 2008 5:45PM

its up to you
Jan 13 2008 2:59PM

tank you
Jan 9 2008 4:35PM

hey way up just givin ur page some pizaz
Jan 1 2008 1:29PM

ur the best
Dec 30 2007 3:52PM

3d comment
Dec 29 2007 1:42AM

hey what's up
Dec 28 2007 11:39PM


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