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wiff Ashlee in, Virgin Islands, U.S.
About Me:
heyyzz my name ish hayden i blow out my birthday candlez on july 15 i ish 16 yeshh i skateboard im straight is TAKENN ♥ Ashlee 07/10/10 i love yew ♥ XD My sister ish the best person i know! and rain park my buddy since the age of one! loving lifeee

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Aug 9 2010 9:07AM
Wow Not Good Things To Wake Up To
Jul 21 2010 11:11PM
Jul 20 2010 12:07AM
its what i hear?
█▄█ █▀█ ▀█▀
█▀█ █▄█ ♥█
Jul 19 2010 11:26PM
HaYdEn hates these b****es who buts pictures of there boobs and stuff on here ThAtS JUST ****ING GROSSSSS! >:(
Jul 18 2010 1:54AM
=((((((((( =:::::::(
ugggghhh soo sick!!
have a fever of 101.2
going to the doctor tomorrow!!! =(
Jul 16 2010 11:57PM
♥ OMG♥
Ashlee and Haydenn
Jul 16 2010 8:24PM
have a feverr!
dont feel to well!
Jul 15 2010 11:30PM
i was dared to do this!!
message me ......
if you would go out wtih me.
Jul 15 2010 9:52PM
boreddd on my birthdayy talk to mehh!
Jul 15 2010 3:17AM
this ish freaking awesomeee
Why do we sleep in church, But stay awake through a 3 hour movie? Why is it so hard to talk about God, but so easy to talk about gross things? Why are we so bored when we look at a Christian magazine, but find it easy to read Playboy? Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly myspace bulletin, Yet we repost the nasty ones? Why are churches getting smaller, But bars and clubs are expanding? Why is it so easy to purchase beer and drugs? But so hard to donate 25 cents for a Charity? Why is it so easy to worship a Celebrity? But very difficult to engage with God? Why do people laugh at you for being religious, but praise you for thinking dirty and vain? Think about it, are you going to repost this? Are you going to ignore it, cause you think you’ll get laughed at? Repost this as “don’t read if your immature ….seriously” 80 % of you wont repost this. Jesus said: ‘If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father.


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♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Aug 20 2010 7:49PM

Thit **** down there was gay >:(
♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Aug 6 2010 9:17PM

♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Aug 6 2010 9:17PM

♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Aug 6 2010 9:17PM

♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Jul 25 2010 4:21AM

WHEN I AM!!!!!!!! ♥
Love you
Jul 19 2010 11:54PM

Heyy Haydenn(: Hows It Goingg??:D
Baha!! Well,Talk To Ya Laterr:)
Buh Bye Noww(;
♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Jul 16 2010 5:03PM

i nvm
Jul 15 2010 10:15PM

Mhmm, wub yew tew pappa x]]
♥♥ gorgeous♥♥
Jul 15 2010 6:09PM

XD Happy birthday
babe xD
Jul 15 2010 1:26AM

Thank You Hayden.
Your quite amazingg yourself.
I love you too.
*friend way*
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