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My Sai and I'm a ninja. I'm...doing a better now... learning how to ride my spirit sword, Zanau. Also learning from this kid named Ness to do PSI moves. I like snow, nice people(mostly girls), and bike riding. WARNING: Apparely, a tiger can sing

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Aug 1 2011 4:01AM
My number, and Steam Account.
770-355-3611, and {Pk} Sai Kisaragi
Please text me or contact me in Steam. :)
Jan 20 2011 3:14PM
Happy Nude Year!! ^_^ Wait...
Oops. New Year. Sorry! >.< I really have been REALLY Twitchy. Like, ADHD twitchin'. I can't stop moving. Oh god. If I'm sitting down, my foot helps me keep motion by taping or shaking my leg. Oh god.

1. If you play SSBB (Super Smash Bros Brawl), Team Fortress 2, Naurto: Storm 2, and COD: Black Ops., I will try to make videos soon. (I need a new camara. Not alot of memory and video qulty suck us.)

2.Great. Someone has not texted in 4 weeks. I'm getting worried... v_v Hope she's not in ANOTHER coma...

3. Merry Christmas. XD Sorry, I'm really late. I got a PS3, Crash Bash(PS1), CoD:Black Ops and Naruto: Storm 1. (I kept saying 2. -_-") Sum nice clothes, new gloves and a ****ies© Jacket! ^_^ Comtable.
Dec 29 2010 5:13PM
200th Blog... Whoo hoo.
200 hundred blogs
on doing nothing
over 2 years worth
of worthless crap.
Nice work, Mostfungames; you piece of Meude,you.
Nov 22 2010 5:35PM
Honestly ... If u really like someone right now, and miss them at this moment, and cant get them out of ur head, and you think about them ALL the time, then repost this titled "? IF U LIKE SOMEONE READ THIS?" within one minute. They will surprise u ...
Nov 17 2010 6:04PM
I Just got news that Nikki or Nicole is in a coma..... Damnit.. **** ****! Just... this is some bull****... I never got to even meet her.. and now.. this **** comes up!!?!?!??
Nov 10 2010 11:49AM
Omg. I'm sooo late.
I'mma going to TRYY to get KH1 and KH2. So I can answer your questions.
Nov 7 2010 2:10PM
Stair-rah-tif-a-cul Niggg-ah-ship. At its best.
What the fuxk Does rap have to do with gangsters? Is Snoop Dogg in a gang? No. Is Emisem in a gang? Hopefully not. Is (Ugh.) Justin Bieber in a gang? HELLZ NAH! SO ANSWER THIS: WHAT THE FRESNO DOES RAPPING HAVE TO DO WITH GANGS??? Rap is just music. Nothing else. The end.
Nov 5 2010 6:31PM
Niggers being Niggers are... *drum roll* NIGGERS! XD
I'm a stalker killer. Why is Yuki in that bush, watchin' me take my underwear off?
Nov 3 2010 3:33PM
Anime from a nigger's point-of-view
Why is Bleach called 'Bleach', instead of anything else? ...
Because, most of the people on that are white.
Nov 2 2010 5:27AM
. . .
It's... It's like the more I help... the more I hurt them! I don't deserve to live....


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Nov 15 2011 6:34PM

Pffft, no. xD //never did
Oh, guess what...
Feb 2 2011 2:23PM

Ha, i love you, my lovelynessss!
Dec 5 2010 9:44AM

o didnt kno
Nov 19 2010 8:36AM

It's Rena. x]
Nov 13 2010 9:18AM

I dunno. You started it. x]
Nov 8 2010 7:23AM

Do you like french toast?
Nov 6 2010 2:48AM

^^ i wont be a meanie again ^^~
Nov 4 2010 5:52PM

Do you like pancakes?
Nov 3 2010 5:52PM

Yes I like waffle. =3=
Oct 30 2010 10:49AM

>>>2: Yuki. Did you add me? (Nver mind... you're grounded from it.. hahaha!)

Don't remind me!
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