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16 California <3 Etiwanda High Softball Ask for kik/ snapchat Blog, music, write , games lol 😍 Living in cali with unicorns (:
Living life with unicorns /.\

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Feb 3 2015 10:37PM
Super tired from softball practiceee.

& Supeer Bored. Let's message on Kik?(:
Feb 1 2015 10:28PM
Bored >.<

I need new songs .
someone tell me what songs I should download .
classic rock?(:
Feb 1 2015 10:21PM
Blah blah
Instead of going to my school's kingsball and help out with ASB like I should've done , instead , I just kicked back playing games /.\
& On kik & snapchat -.-

I have a boring lifeeee.
kik me?(:

Inbox me :DDD
Jan 27 2015 9:56PM
Kicking back after Rally Practice fooling around >.<

Timeee to watchh Eye Candy (;
Jan 25 2015 11:20PM
Irene Resendez
My grandma was always there for me when I needed her . She made me the best food ever and made the best homemade tortillas I ever had . This morning I woke up thinking about her and I smelled spicy food and I instantly thought of my grandma and cried knowing that she's not here with me but my mom always tells me that she is actually here right by my side every day . Days go bye knowing that she is gone ,.


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