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pasadena, United States
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i do not cheat on girls and i like halo-3. thats my real pic

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Apr 23 2008 5:23PM
yo if any one of you guys want to be my friend give me a holla
Apr 23 2008 5:22PM
ohh i forgot
i forgot to tell you ill do any thing for ya girls.cuase im rich
Apr 23 2008 5:20PM
about me
im 12 i love halo-3 and ghost recon.
i like hot girls to .
so hot girls if your single and want to go out with me post a comment
Apr 23 2008 5:18PM
i do not like
i do not like the cheating girls out there they just flirt with you and then they make your life misrible.
some girls are ok though.
Apr 23 2008 5:16PM
i like
i like non cheating girls. and i just want to say go cowboys.
and for all you guys out there do not be shy to ask a girl out


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