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:D God is the most amazing thing in the WHOLE WORLD! I'm also on the best worship band ever at my church:) also i go to highlife (my youth group) and it's absolutely wonderful!

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Aug 17 2012 12:03AM
just bought some awesome songs this week:) rooftops by jesus culture, the pretender by foo fighters, where have you been by rihanna, some nights by fun., titanium by david guetta(ft. sia), and the fighter by gym class heros(ft. ryan tedder)
Aug 16 2012 10:52PM
awesome last 2 days!:D
well yesterday instead of meeting up at a place where i was supposed to go, i ended up going to one of my friend's apartments and turns out my crush lives there too:) hehe well he texted me and ended up hanging out the whole day! awkward thing though: he threw his basketball at me so i took it and then he put all his weight on me (175 lbs xD, don't get me wrong he's tall and skinny and a whole lotta muscle xD hehe) just to get the ball back and then wouldn't get off... yes awkward (again) and then my bff put grass in my mouth when he was still on top of me xD i guess i deserved that from last week haha.. i got in trouble but it was worth it to me:) it was soooooo fun!

then today i ended up going to my old middle school and hung out with my bff and her ex, (who i didn't like at all until we actually hung out and started bonding:P) and we ran through sprinkler that were watering the fields:) we hung out for like 4 hours in nearly 100 DEGREE WEATHER..haha it was so much fun!
Apr 28 2012 7:51PM
spandex.... xD
rofl i got spandex pants and they're neon green with zebra stripes!! xD
Apr 28 2012 7:35PM
singing in the talent show was AMAZING! i was surprised that i wasn't as nervous for the thing itself. i was super nervous to try out though. the pretty embarrassing part was that my karaoke track stopped before i finished the end of my song!! if they really wanted me to shorten my song i would've!! it was pretty funny though! i was cracking up cuz i said this "(singing) the horses are coming so here they come. th- oh!" i was laughing so hard afterwards! one of my best friends gave me a big hug after the talent show was over. he played his violin for me during lunch! he's super good at it! :D my other friends think he likes me... :}

sad part is that when i woke up the next day i was sick >:( cruddy...
Apr 27 2012 7:23PM
finally have a facebook!! yes!!! :D thank you momma :P
Apr 14 2012 3:20PM
worst day EVER (continued)
okay so i was babysitting these two little kids. one was 6 and the other was 4. when i was trying to get them to bed, the 6 yr old took the toilet paper from the guest bathroom and started running around with it! so i threatened to call his mom, so he gave it back. but then he ran to his parents' bathroom and took the toilet paper out of it and started to run around with it like a little maniac! he was quite the tyrant haha :P
Apr 3 2012 7:28PM
worst day EVER!
oh boy i'll tell about it later.... worst babysitting day ever... i got homework so i'll be on later i hope haha >:(
Mar 29 2012 1:10AM
you know who you are. :/
hey man i'm sorry but i have my reason that i've finally realized....
Mar 29 2012 1:02AM
party rock... haha
haha wow i think i'm going through a party rock style phase ;P i just got awesome skateboarder shoes from Etnies (for the record i had no idea that Etnies is a skateboarder store xD) and they have rainbow colored laces with leopard spots xD. also i got a zebra stripe belt and an "everyday i'm shufflin'" bracelet..... that's saying a lot xD
Mar 22 2012 9:25PM
oh my....
yikes.... i got this off of wikipedia. apparently this is the story behind Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

"In the explanation, Queen states that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is about a young man who has accidentally killed someone and, like Faust, sold his soul to the devil. On the night before his execution, he calls for God in Arabic, "Bismillah", and with the help of angels, regains his soul from Shaitan."

I don't wanna plagiarize so i put the web address on a different blog haha


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Dec 16 2011 11:49PM

hmmm spank the monkey sounds like fun

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