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Feb 13 2014 7:59PM
Best game to play on valentine's day Russian roulette :D
Feb 9 2014 5:48PM
So for 9 till 10 or so I'll be watching the walking dead so of I don't text you know why
Feb 8 2014 8:33AM
And I don't care I didn't like the way you handle it
Feb 8 2014 8:23AM
You are nothing but a whinny little
Feb 5 2014 12:24PM
Thirsty ass people here
Feb 2 2014 11:40PM
Hacking each other to hurt or to intimidated others and not do anything but press a button to make a person stop talking is being a coward wow griw a pair and face me without the mellow drama
Jan 31 2014 8:48PM
So I made this up cuz sometimes there's that one guy who gets on my nerves and tries hard so I said it's not that I don't like you or anything but if the walking dead was real I'll most likely feed you to the zombies
Jan 30 2014 9:15PM
Anyone looking at this I'm like popcorn, peanuts get your popcorn here!
Jan 30 2014 8:58PM
These blogs are fun I should have gotten some popcorn
Jan 28 2014 10:13PM
My friend jade is having a birthday and invited me to see DEADMAU5


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shelly b dog
Jan 26 2014 10:37PM

roar!!!! i claim ur comment virginity :P moooohahahaha

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