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hi my name is chris i am preety fly if i say so my self i am a good singer my youtube acount is casscouss08 when u see me that was a long time a go i am much hotter now.

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Aug 22 2009 1:58PM
And so i would never cheat
Aug 22 2009 1:57PM
If u date me since i am 13

WOULD NEVER CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl: i need to tell you somthing honey
Boy: what might that be?
Girl: well...
Boy: tell me baby...please
Girl: fine,,, i cheated on you
Boy: what!? why babe?!
Girl: idk i was being stupid im sorry
Boy: i realy loved you and now you do this
Girl: i said i was sorry
Boy: im sorry but i need to leave you
Girl: please no, i love you
Boy: if you love me then why did you **** some other dude when you have me?
Girl: sorry
Boy: leaves the house and cry's in his car

repost this as "i would never cheat" if you would never cheat on the one you love the most


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