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May 17 2009 11:01PM
'A' is what the boys say when they callin' me,
'B'uzzin' all around me like a 'B'ee
They must be trippin' when they follow me,
Boy I don't answer to nothin' but 'C'
Talkin' like ya ridin' on 'D's,
But I can't call you,
'D'addy if your tank is on 'E'
Little fella 'F'in wit me
Show me some respect cause babyboy I'm a 'G'

"G" stands for girl-like Gangsta
Don't make 'em like me anymore
So we in danger
So at ease, little guy, we out-rank ya
And when the G's come around just put your hands up
Listen when I speak,
Don't talk 'til I say so,
Real G's work hard for they cake
'H' stands for hold up
'I' don't want ya tryna run up on me
Like a 'J'ay
Can't believe he showed up
Try to out-"G" but that's o.'K'
'L' is for 'L'isten when I speak
'M' is for the 'M'ajor when ya'll use it in the streets
'N' is for 'N'othing, boy I do this in my sleep
'O' is for 'O'riginal, cause I'mma 'O'.G.
'P' is for 'P'layas say "P'retty 'p'lease" (yup)
Bow down, when you standin' in front of a 'Q'ueen
'R' is for run I'm the one you 'S'econd to me
'T'wo cause I been hot since the 'T'urn of 'T'he century
'U' can ask around, I be gettin' that paper, on a
'V'aca', I be gon' for a 'W'eek
Put you on the ground 'X'ing out all my hatas
'Y' waste time laying around catching 'Z's
May 10 2009 11:33PM
MAturE eyEZ OnLY
Why? Why do we sleep during church, but when the sermon is over we suddenly wake up?Why is it so hard to talk about God, but so easy to talk about bad things? Why are we so boredwhen we read a Christian magazine, but f ind it easy to look at a magazine o f people? Why is it so easy to ignore a godly message, yet we forward the useless ones? Why are churches getting smaller, but bars and clubs are growing? Think about it, are you going to for ward this? Or are you going to ignore it, cause you think you'll get laughed at? Just remember God is always watching you. forward this as 'mature eyes only'. 80% of you won't forward this . The Lord Said: 'If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father'.So go ahead and forward this now and sign your name below:
Lauren,dontray, Lily Dale,Lauren, NESSA
Apr 14 2009 11:15PM
SASSY......*snap snap* lol a random blog
Apr 14 2009 11:11PM
F = damn youre ugly
D = your parents must be heated
C- = You're just someone I don't want to talk to, okay?
C = You're okay looking, but u need work...
C+ = You're just average
B- = Your kinda cute and ur cool i guess
B = You're cute. And you're a pretty interesting person.
B+ = Pretty damn attractive. I'd hit that.
A- = You're extremely attractive, and you're awesome.
A+ = Gorgeous... will u go out with me
A++=SO HOTT will you marry me
because u got to be f***fine!!!!!!!!
Apr 14 2009 10:43PM
Mz.Nessa Baby
YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first three letters of real name plus izzle) janizzle
YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal) yellow cheetah
YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (your middle name and street you live on) *cough cough* jersey
YOUR SUPER HERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (your 2nd favorite color,and favorite drink) pink dr. pepper
GOTH NAME: (black,and the name of one of your pets) Black cinimun
YOUR HOOD NAME: (first 3 leters of your name plus iqua) janiqua
Apr 12 2009 10:16PM
♥_♥____♥_♥ Put this ♥___♥_♥__ ♥ heart _♥___♥___♥_ on your __♥ _____♥__ page if ___♥___ ♥___ you love ____♥_♥____ someone _____♥_____ very much
Mar 19 2009 11:40AM
Rules of love
Kiss on the Lips= I love you
Kiss on the ear= You are special
Kiss on the nose= Laughter
Kiss on the cheek= Friendship
Kiss on the forehead= I comfort you
Kiss on the neck= I want you
Kiss on the shoulder= You are wonderful
Kiss anywhere else= Be careful
Play around with hair= Can't live without you
Holding hands= Happiness
Arms around waist= You are mine/ i need you
A hug= I care
Nibble on ear= Start warming up
Smiling at each other= I like you
Lifting up eyebrows/ wink= flirtation
Looking around= hiding true feelings
Tender kiss on the side of your lips= you're mine
Wetting your lips= waiting for a kiss
tear drop= I'm losing you
Crying= I lost you
Jan 28 2009 8:26PM
Turnin me on
Please dont turn me
off.. yea.. like dis...
where you at shawty?...

you fly as hell, swagga right, brown skin poppin
you know just how to talk to me
know just how i like it
you turnin me on, you turnin me on, you turnin me on

now wait a minute lil busta u got one more time to feel on my booty,
better recognize a lady that aint the way u do me, ya turnin me off,
ya turnin me off, ya turnin me off, better recognize a real women.....

you ever try to get that close to me
you better come correct how you
'proachin me
dime divas give it to me

I gotta be feelin your energy
i gotta be for sure that you're into me
recogize a real woman

Going up on it, ya actin like ya
want it
and you stuntin like you daddy
checkin for this lil mamma
you turnin me on
you trunin me on
you turnin me on

now wait a minute lil busta
now you dont even know me
but you wanna take me
you a lame, i cant tell it ain't big
**** poppin
you turnin me off

better recognize
a real woman

all you wanna do is
halla at the cutest
broad to get up in them draws
by morning
dont try to buy me
bottles, got my own dollars
i could buy up the bar if i want it

you ever try to get that close to me
you better come correct how you
'proachin me
dime divas give it to me

I gotta be feelin your energy
i gotta be for sure that you're into me
recogize a real woman


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May 19 2009 11:28PM

wuttup N.G droppin by 2 sh0 u luv lol
May 17 2009 8:54PM

he he im backkkkk showin da love
May 16 2009 1:30PM

"Let's flip a coin! Heads you're mine. Tails I'm yours!"
May 12 2009 7:41PM

hola mami just showin u and ur page sum of mah love♥♥♥
May 7 2009 12:45PM

May 6 2009 10:16PM

May 5 2009 2:41PM

How u doin ma? Just spreadin love
Apr 27 2009 9:14PM

[= ǝʌoן ǝɯos noʎ ƃuıʍoɥs ʇznɾ
Apr 25 2009 10:00PM

lol wat up ma showin luv to ya n u
Apr 24 2009 5:12PM

shut up tra
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