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I am freaking awesome and well, I rock. Like socks

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Apr 2 2011 8:25PM




This is the full extent of my emoticon ability.
I know, it's sad.
Mar 10 2011 4:53PM
Imma fail spanish.
Somebody's gotta help me.
I'm begging.
Por favor?
Mar 9 2011 8:04PM
Funny very amusing.
Funny thing happened to me while I was walking home.
Almost got run over.
Mar 7 2011 7:29PM
Cruel and unusual punishment I tell you
Stupid dad. teasing me with food.

Him: Want chinese?
Me: YES!!!
Him: What kind?
Me: . . .
Him: Or. . .
Me: Chinese Buffet!
Him: No. Country Food Buffet.
Me: YES!
Him: Arby's.
Me: . . .
Mar 2 2011 1:17AM
. . .
Hmmm. I wonder. . .
Feb 26 2011 9:38PM
My dad and his girlfriend are gettin' it on in there room and I can hear them All The Way In The Back Of The House!
Don't get me wrong, sex is fine but I Do NOT Not Not NOT want to hear when my dad does it.
Why can't they do it while I'm at school?
Feb 26 2011 9:22PM
You can't have 'fun' with out U in the middle (Spongebob song)
I am currently in the process of taking over the world.
And when I have succeeded in my quest for total world domination all will be fine.
I'll be the greatest evil overlordess ever.
The world under MY dominion with be a little like this

A world that has all the whips and chains.
Red skies and skulls on the side of the road.
Dead bodies, burnings at the stake, whipping posts, and entire buildings dedicated to sinister devices of torture.
Screams day in and day out.
Ah, lovely.
Feb 23 2011 11:47PM
. . .
I just found out that my great grand mother Nanny has a brain tumor.
Feb 23 2011 6:35PM
go ahead and ask...dont be shy i dont bite....sometimes...RAWR!
3 questions
1 chance.
3 honest answers.
Thats all you get.
You get to ask me 3 questions. (TO MY INBOX)
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.
No catch.
But I dare you to repost this.
And see what people ask you
Feb 22 2011 1:05AM
drtj vbfh
I am so borded. My dad and his girlfriend-type-person are sittin' there smokin' weed and gettin' high and I'm just like "Bored. So bored" and I have veggie tales going trough my head.


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May 10 2011 1:37AM

there was a girland a boy the girl told the boy "do u like me?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u like my sense of humor?" the boy said " no" the girl said "will u cry if i leave?" the boy said "no" and the girl left and the boy grab her hand and said "i dont like u, i love u , i dont like ur sense of humor, i love it, and i wont cry i f u leave ill die"

put this in 5 different accounts in less then a 25 mins and click F6 and ur crush will appear on your screen
Feb 21 2011 12:17AM

ahhh love ya
Feb 13 2011 5:40PM

hey showin some love cuz im awsome like that lol :P
love ya
Jan 13 2011 1:18AM

How are ya doing?
Jan 10 2011 1:49AM

Hey you!

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