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Apr 4 2010 5:52PM
= )
Happy Easter Everyone , Party Hard . Like Me ! = )


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May 5 2009 5:57PM

May 23 2008 10:15PM

FAKE FRiENDS: Never ask for food. REAl FRiENDS: are the reason you have no food. FAKE FRiENDS: Call your parents Mr/Mrs REAl FRiENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM FAKE FRiENDS: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. REAl FRiENDS: Would sit next to you sayin "Damn ... we ****ed up... but that **** was fun" FAKE FRiENDS: never seen you cry. REAl FRiENDS: cry with you FAKE FRiENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. REAl FRiENDS: keep your **** so long they forget its yours. FAKE FRiENDS: know a few things about you. REAl FRiENDS: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you. FAKE FRiENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. REAl FRiENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you. FAKE FRiENDS: Would knock on your front door. REAl FRiENDS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!" FAKE FRiENDS: Are for awhile. REAl FRiENDS: Are for life. FAKE FRiENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough. REAl FRiENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "b**** drink the rest of that you know we don't waste ****." FAKE FRiENDS: will talk **** to the person who talks **** about you. REAl FRiENDS: Will knock them the **** out FAKE FRiENDS: Would ignore this REAl FRiENDS: Will send this to all there real friends and hope toget it back!!
Feb 10 2008 6:45PM

hey wat's up comment bac!
Feb 9 2008 3:40PM

Hey sexy just showin u sum luv
Sexii Boi
Jan 31 2008 9:07PM

hey baby whutz up? me nuttin juzz chillin tihnking bout chu baby well i gottah go t2yl I LUHV YU!!<33
Jan 25 2008 11:38AM

soz i don't think this is working
robo cop137
Jan 24 2008 6:50PM

she sent me a mesge and i dont know her so dont talk if your 15 ore down waring ps im a cop
Jan 21 2008 9:35AM

hi love i love u and your so hot and sexy in that pic
Dec 22 2007 5:29AM

hi wotz up love u and send me a email when u are online
Dec 17 2007 9:24PM

hey girl love u lil sis
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