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san ramon, United States
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I like cheese fish

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Jul 10 2012 1:46PM
Im back
Hi guys. Just came back and logged in for a long time. Anyone play tf2 out there?
Im doing a raffle for a free steam game. Just give me ur username and like us on Youtube( asaleminik)
Jul 22 2008 9:24PM
I play Club Penguin. For you folks who never heard of it, its a fun and really great site. I will give you my password and userername only if you are my friend. To be my friend, you must follow the things im about to say. You must like cheese,have my favorite games on your favorite games list and only those ones, and your blog must say that I rock. Then your my friend. Send me a message saying that you have done the following things. I will send you a mesage showing you what to do.(note, this masage will self distrucct in one second) Ok, the grenn wire goes with the red wire and......No thats not it either!


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