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hi the name is Butters but my real name is Günter. NEVER SAY PLZ BECAUSE ITS SHORTER THAN YES!. Single. My favorite mystical creature is a Creepus Explodus AKA The creeper of minecraft

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Jun 27 2013 12:15AM
horny girls 14-15 kik me Laukness,munster
May 8 2013 11:01PM
if u got a kik and ur a horny girl from 14-15 kik me at Laukness.munster
Jan 5 2012 6:45PM
for the people on my fans list
Leave my fans list i barely know 3/4 of the girls on their
Jan 5 2012 6:36PM
WTF my friiend dared me to watch the whole video of the BME pain olympics, DONT WATCH IT ITS F**KING DISGUSTING!
Jan 5 2012 6:03PM
Single HMU
Jan 1 2012 10:19PM
Only 1 more day of holiday break then i have to go back on tuesdayy I:< D:<
Dec 31 2011 10:00PM
for some reason i kinda like group anonymous
we are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not foget, expect us
Dec 31 2011 9:27PM
lol Emo like a nazi
Dec 31 2011 9:23PM
Rucka Rucka ali
is the best artist
Dec 31 2011 9:21PM
my favorite song to sing on ps3


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Jan 11 2012 8:22PM

To daddy's so small he was doing ur mom for an hour and she aske if he's in yet
Jan 11 2012 7:49PM

Yo daddy's like cement, it takes him 2 days to get hard
Jan 8 2012 11:15AM

YO momma and daddy so fat they were bout to have sex saw each others rolls got hungry and went to ihop
Jan 7 2012 1:33AM

u cant duck from unrelenting force u duck
Jan 5 2012 8:23PM

ha they saw to give a shout out soooo
Jan 5 2012 6:41PM

they already caught them ha, i already knew wat it was btw, and ill jus go ahead and stab u in ur scrotum XD
Jan 4 2012 7:44PM

thn ill say it was vick and thn murder 2 dogs in his house thn post a fake pic of u all over the internet and ur skwl and anywhere else with u huggin a blankie and havin a pacifier HA :P
Jan 3 2012 7:21PM

damn uuu, thn ill say u still sleep with a blankie and pacifier haaaaa :P
Jan 2 2012 8:44PM

yea so wat u got now?
Jan 1 2012 10:51PM

ill just tell thm i wasnt part of the crash, thn crash icloud and psn :P u cant winn
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