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i am a cheerleader and im in dance! I love to party and listen to music Message me:) SINGLE, anybody wanna change that ;)

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Jun 14 2011 5:56PM
Message me:)
So I am really bored, and I wouldn't be mad if someone were to message me!!!:)
Jan 18 2010 2:04PM
awww hes so sweet
From: Tyler 3456
Date: Jan 18 2010 2:01PM
Subject: RE: why

thnx i missed u i wish i wouldnt have dumped u
Dec 13 2009 10:43PM
haha hes sweet
From: Tyler 3456
Date: Dec 13 2009 8:37PM
Subject: RE: hey do u remember me

ur ****ing bangin
Dec 13 2009 5:19PM
aww hes so sweet
From: duffman
Date: Dec 13 2009 5:07PM
Subject: RE: ello

*i will make out with and cuddle with u all night*
Dec 8 2009 7:40PM
aw hes so sweet :) I love this kid!
From: EduardoCutsHer.
Date: Dec 7 2009 11:00PM
Subject: RE: hi

I don't consider myself hot :P
But that's not the point.
The point is that you are beautiful and no matter what anyone says, you will always be beautiful [:
Dec 7 2009 10:33PM
awww i love him hes so sweet
From: EduardoCutsHer.
Date: Dec 7 2009 5:56PM
Subject: RE: hi

Hun, you're no ugly.
You're gorgeous.
Dont ever say that you're ugly because you are not.
Nov 30 2009 10:44PM
This is MY man
From: gman
Date: Nov 30 2009 10:43PM
Subject: RE: ?

thank you baby ha ha you are ╚═╦╦╦╦═╦═╦═╦══╦═╗
╚╩╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╗ to boo (give a bigger kiss)
Nov 30 2009 10:31PM
From: gman
Date: Nov 30 2009 10:27PM
Subject: RE: ?

ooo thank ok (kisses lips)
Nov 28 2009 10:23PM
sad :(
im really sad and have been for a while my life has pretty much been sucking! is there a guy out there that can cheer me up???
Nov 24 2009 10:35PM
at least Jakey.Pooh cares :)
Date: Nov 24 2009 10:33PM
Subject: RE: hello :)

haha -hugs u-


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Jun 19 2012 10:06AM

im ok baby im still wit you i just had to go
Jun 18 2012 10:56AM

baby you wouldnt understand how much i love you id take a bullet for you honeybear<3
Jun 6 2012 6:07AM

I love u
Jul 5 2011 10:41AM

hello beautiful just showing u some of ray ray's love
and also just saying hello :D
welll message when evr u can
Nov 29 2009 2:46PM

Noting is wrong with me bro
I just been smoking ice cream that's all
Nov 29 2009 12:38AM

Jul 20 2009 10:48AM

your welcum
Jul 19 2009 10:43PM

Jul 8 2009 11:25AM

i had to get off,sorry:(
Jul 3 2009 4:33PM

that makes me feel special:D

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