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i love softball it is my favorite sport. i love to listen to music if it is good. LOL i like to talk on msn a lot. i am 5 feet 5 inches. brown hair with blonde highlights.

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Dec 9 2007 9:33PM
bball is my 2nd fav sport i play it all the time i love it so much i play bball with my friends and my brother friends some times we play against eachother. i am on my schools basketball team we onlt lost 2 games through our whole season so we were pretty good. i am on the same team as my freidns are so i like it cuz i get to play with them on the court. i just love basketball and hope to keep playing and become a player on the WNBA!!!
Sep 6 2007 8:22AM
i have a older bro he is the coolest person u will ever meet he is a freshmen in highschool and is 14 right now. and i have a litle sister she is so stupid, annoying, throws tantrums all the times so watch out for her she is in 3rd grade so ya.
Sep 6 2007 8:20AM
hey i am a cute dog that is two years old from august 16. i have two cats one is a kitten and the other is an adult cat. the kitten is about 2 months old we saved her from death. the adult cat is about 7 years old we got her when she was a little baby kitten.
Aug 23 2007 9:39PM
i am 5'5" I have hazel eyes and i have brown hair with blonde highlights, i am also 12. i love swimming play basketball, football, softball, volleyball, tennis, and almost anything that has to do with rumming nad being active. So if ur a guy and u need a girl call me. O and btw fat guys no don't call me. LOL


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i eat legos
Aug 20 2007 11:21AM

hey just dropping bye to show ur page sum luv

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