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daniel is my poopbutt baby doll

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Jun 13 2012 11:13PM
yappin' about fruit on skype with dan is the best past time. c':
Feb 6 2012 1:17AM
"pee pee lolocaust i am laughing"
- Sammie
Feb 6 2012 1:07AM
wow sammie
wow you had to go there?
i mean yeah but wow
ha wow


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Oct 17 2012 6:04PM

you confused me. then i was like, oh, k.
but you don't like colons/wow.
Sep 18 2012 9:56PM

racist. y u so racist, foo'?
mind fuck.
Jun 25 2012 10:23PM

i beg to differ. the difference between you and i is that i'm right. you're not vapid. you're the opposite. i don't pull compliments out of my ass. go eat nutella, and shush.
mind fuck.
Jun 20 2012 9:52PM

you only think i'm silly because you think you're vapid.
Jun 13 2012 11:06PM

I am looking at your face right now. Literally as I type this, I am staring at your beautiful face, and listening to your cute little voice talk about your liking of frozen grapes. You're the absolute cutest. I love you.
May 15 2012 10:51PM

You ****ing cutie pie, you. I love you.
May 2 2012 11:59PM

i love you
mind fuck.
Apr 8 2012 2:21AM

you're no fun.
ruining all my cheesy feelings with your lateness and whatnot.
mind fuck.
Mar 20 2012 11:10PM

my dear lady,
one does not simply call me a b**** ass nigger fag.
you need a poke.
in the cheek.
Feb 6 2012 1:25AM

kris you know
i'd catch a grenade for ya
then i'd throw it at you
i mean yeah
you shmeeb
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