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Cameron is my name :] i dont bite ;) I am Bi so Message me :P

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Feb 1 2011 7:26PM
Cameron!..Me About! :]
My name is Cameron.
I've been told I'm a sweetheart, I guess I kind of am.
I can be an asshole, so don't test me.
I'm sixteen and bi sexual.
I'm girlfriend broke up with me..2-1-11
Cats are magnificent creatures, if I do say so myself.
I have seven brothers, and four sisters.
I'm an orphan, I've never met my real parents.
I'm honest, and blunt.
I don't know what else to say, so let's talk.
Just, please, type properly. Grammar is your friend.
Jan 31 2011 10:47PM
i saw on some profiles that people had a playlist
so i made one well look at the pictures :]


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Feb 1 2011 7:15PM

hi cam(:
im nikki :p
nd u are very cute :o
i call comment of virginity dear.
-takes it nd hides it-
no steals or share mine c:
msg me dear (:

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