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y should i tell u, United States
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umm im not telling u strangers

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Jan 4 2011 5:16PM
i no it says that my channel is the music starts here
but my channel is soccer92898

If u have a youtube channel sub 2

Jan 4 2010 2:16PM
team edward or jacob
wat team r u??
i like mteam jacob
hes hott
a werewolf

So anyone that is team jacob or werewolf than lets be friends!!

Jan 4 2010 2:14PM
ppl view my profile!! then tell me so we can become friends!!
FYI: i dont care who u r for the record
Jan 4 2010 11:14AM
yeah!! u might notice but im not at school bc i didnt feel that great. So im home and its boring and cool. as long as im not at school im happy
Jan 3 2010 8:36PM
this SUCKS
this sucks bc i have school tommorow and a stupid ortho app.
i need to get my braces changed and titened
i just cant wait till there off its been almost a year and i need them for possibly 2 years !! noo
i just cant stand it
Jan 3 2010 8:03PM
today i went bowling and watched julie and julia. from wat i saw of it those parts were great!! all my veiwers tell me and ill c ur profile and maybe we can be friends!! anyway ill c u later tonight and tommorow
Jan 1 2010 4:08PM
facebook time
my parents final said that i can a facebook account yeah!!
Jan 1 2010 9:12AM
new year
happy new year!! i stayed up till 12 to watch the ball drop!! if u did then ur cool!
Dec 22 2009 7:40PM
brb ill be back later telling u guys some news about anything u want so tell me and ill try to find that out.
1 is Miley cyrus pole dances and her dad is fine with it
Dec 22 2009 7:14PM
everyone that reads this then check my profile now to be cool and c my pic!!
do this now if u read this!!

remember i heart u
=:* =:*


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Mar 28 2010 10:22AM

second to comment!! yes!! i love your profile.
Dec 11 2009 7:10PM

it's almost my b-day!!
on the 17th......6 MORE DAYZZ!!!!

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