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Hey I am caitlin beadles,14 and I love to mess around and have fun with my friends. hobbies:Cheerleading, Horseback riding, tennis, swimming, cross country .i believe in god

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Aug 13 2009 9:41AM
caitlin beadles.a.k.a. christian beadles sister
hi. im kinda new on this so.. NO HATERZ PLZ
Aug 13 2009 9:32AM
im caitlin, i have a brother.i have a youtube account so send me messages or comments i might respond back.I am 14 and I love to mess around and have fun with my friends. I was taught when someone is being hateful to me, God will reward me if I just love them anyway! my hobbies are Cheerleading, Horseback riding, tennis, swimming, cross country, HORSES!! Shopping, Juicy Couture, Coach, my pets, and being crazy!!! Chilling with my BF and my girlfriends. if you noticed i love horses.PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY PHOTOS OFF OF YOUTUBE.I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE AND I HAVE A PRIVATE FACEBOOK! SO ANY MYSPACE OR FACEBOOK PAGE IS FAKE! ANY ACCOUNT ON FACEBOOK CALLED CAITLIN BEADLES IS NOT MY ACCOUNT!! god bless



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