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Caiti||single||RAWR||13||gauge size2:D|| msg me<3 c:

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Feb 21 2011 6:32AM
so i made a new page haha
xXCaitiChaosXx is i >.<
Jan 5 2011 6:13PM
msg me? and ask me questions please:D
Dec 19 2010 2:11AM
i think im getting sick:/ ughh.. msg me nao? :p
Nov 22 2010 9:13PM
ask me shizz:) hehe msg me<3 im bored d:
Jul 31 2010 1:14AM
i wanna dye my hair black... should i do it?? msg meee!!!!!
Jul 24 2010 1:50AM
ahhh! :/
im gunna **** punt a fukin baby!!!! -.-"
Jul 6 2010 6:56AM
so yaahh....
i recently bleached my hair.... theres a link on my pro :/
Jun 27 2010 2:29AM
haha angels party was freakken amazing :D i was haningin out with jooooey abbeelll and naadiaa. we started playing bmth while other ppl where juking and me nadia abel and joey started a mini mosh pit and so many ppl left the basement lol but that means more strobe light, fog machine, and glow sticks for us :D
Jun 21 2010 10:45AM
ask me some questions pllleeaase
Jun 21 2010 10:41AM
ahhh :(
my skateboard got water logged >:(


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LiGiIt SeXy boY
Mar 4 2010 4:55PM

heyy bud u gota txt me lol :)
Dec 22 2009 12:47PM

Elloz!! XD
Dec 17 2009 10:13AM

Thats mean nobody comments well i am, I like your ?Picture?

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