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Why do you need to know????, United States
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yo! wat up?!? I like WWE/TNA.But im also A BIG fan of Mizzou tigers. Mizzou-RAH!!! Check out my youtube channels Antenieul113, Badgoombaproductions, TheIanH2, and, our #1 subcsriber, TheToothpaste2000.

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Oct 2 2011 2:00PM
Random Blog
i wonder what people in the past thought 2011 would look like...
Jul 4 2011 10:52AM
It's the 4th of July! Boom Boom crash BOOM....... That hurt
Jul 4 2011 10:42AM
Wow, I havent posted anything since Christmas.... Well i'm back!
Dec 24 2010 2:13PM
It's Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23 2010 9:06PM
It's Christmas Eve Eve!!!!!
Jun 12 2010 8:36AM
this is true
im AWSOME!!!!!!!!
Dec 25 2009 10:50AM
I just got a ipod touch 38gb!:D
Dec 24 2009 6:00PM
I'm cool.B)
Dec 22 2009 3:39PM
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Nov 6 2009 1:39PM


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Jul 11 2009 5:53PM

whats up. dx rox. 1st comment whoooooo

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