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Feb 4 2010 10:10PM
I stood out in the open cold to see the essence of the eclipes which was its perfect darkness.
I stood in the cold on the porch and could not think of anything so perfect.
As mans hope of light in the face of darkness
Jan 9 2010 12:10AM
looking straight into th eyes of someone i love theyjust look at me while i cry so no beileves a word i say oh well but world at her die then put up with thiz pain i want to just give my life up give it away to another plaece so i dont [..]
Jan 8 2010 4:44PM
i hold it trun
whate'er fall
i feel it when
i sorrow most
tis better to have
to loved and lost
than never to have
loved at all
Jan 8 2010 4:41PM
love and death
love is death
and death is you
its pain stains like
black too those memories
come back again and
bind me in the rops of pain
Oct 27 2009 2:38PM
night night moon
night night stars
night night noisy
trucks and cars
outside my window
Oct 25 2009 6:58PM
evil in the hearts of people
evil in the heads of people
evil in the soul of people

do no evil
see no evil
hear no evil
wamc no evil
Oct 25 2009 6:53PM
death is when your lovd ones must depart
death is a sharp pain to the heart
death is a feeling of peremanent sadness and pain
death take family away death


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