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marshall/tx, United States
About Me:
im a cool boy bout to be 13. im in marshall texas but live right out side of woskem and still go to marshall schools. i like internet games and ps2&3games tex me if u instested im try ing to make friends im like a vampire in a way tex me for more info an

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Jul 18 2009 9:02PM
cheeck my pro
Jul 13 2009 10:50AM
if u look at my profile leve a comit
ill keep on teaxen just leve a comit if u on my profile
Jul 11 2009 2:38PM
im singel now
tex if u are singel too or not just tex pleese
Jul 10 2009 10:29PM
im singel agin so tex me if u want
tex me if u wanna im be back 4 a wille
Jul 10 2009 10:15PM
heloo im back and no 1 tex me see if im coming back
tex me im comeing backim need 2 be texed
Jun 10 2009 12:31PM
com on kep texing me
if u like 2 play stuf like a gurtar tex me or like 2 skatebourd
Jun 8 2009 9:03PM
im back so keep texing
k im back if u want 2 talk tex me and tell me ................
Jun 4 2009 1:18PM
im a vampire
i think im a vamp cus im a fast runner and a high jumper tex me for ? ? ? ? ? S


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