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Nov 15 2017 2:10PM
i havnt been on in ages
Jul 7 2016 10:55PM
counting down
112 days until i marry my soulmate. still so much to do!!
Feb 4 2016 12:14PM
it's crazy to think that in in less than 8 months i'll be married to my best friend and soul mate. I never thought I could be this happy!
Oct 18 2014 1:28AM
Good morning starshine the earth says hello:)
Sep 3 2014 4:06PM
lmao old times
Oh my God I was going through all of the comments left on my profile and I miss talking to most of those people. I totally forgot about the fight between Jaylent and my ex. Good times
Jul 12 2014 9:21PM
Furreal tho
Messege me. If u got my number text me
Jun 8 2014 10:34PM
bored. no ones talked to me. hmmm
Jun 1 2014 10:47PM
so over this
This is the third day in a row that I've felt sick. This can blow over at any point in time
May 31 2014 3:03AM
I do what I want that's why.
May 30 2014 6:14PM
sooo yea
bored and annoyed. Someone messege me


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Oct 16 2014 11:31PM

Yoooooooo, I didn't steal your comment virginity:( lol
Jan 24 2012 11:42PM

added yuh back
Dec 21 2011 10:42AM

good/eh/okay all sorts of things
Oct 27 2011 10:31PM

I love you Bri!!! Can't wait to spend the night tomorrow. Really don't want to do Zena's hair, but if she pay's me I'll be happy! Lol. I'mma bother the crap out of you while we're alone, or maybe we can just party like rockstar's at Nelson's. We'll figure something out. Love you sissy! And ride with us in the morning cause I love you! Lol.
Jul 27 2011 12:49PM

BRI!!!! Hey it's this guy!
Hope you remember me! Lol.
How are you?
What's up?
What have you been doing? Answer:)
Jul 4 2011 11:34PM

Well lol yea but I'm not bad lol(:
Sorry I havent been online in a few days
Jun 27 2011 4:21PM

Bleh I'm ok lol
Jun 27 2011 11:55AM

Ahh! It's my best buddy ever!!!
Hiiii how are u??? :D
May 8 2011 11:11AM

Thought I should say Hi!
Mar 19 2011 8:44PM

hey smart one theres still one more week =P
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