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Heyy I'm 16 I am like 5' 9" and i have blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses. I love to act and sing. Music is my complete life. I love all my friends to death.

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Mar 5 2008 3:08PM
OMG!! I'm so happy that we finally got another snowday. Even though the weather sucks outside I'm so glad I didn't have to go to that place they call a learning facility.


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Jun 27 2009 11:11AM

wats up
Apr 28 2009 4:44PM

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Apr 16 2009 2:14PM

omg u still come on here?
Aug 11 2008 12:54PM

anytime u wanna date me go head and ask.
Jul 15 2008 8:49PM

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Apr 10 2008 8:49PM

dont call me mac brian!!
Mar 8 2008 7:14PM

Mar 8 2008 6:51PM

kool and the same i'm on my youtube rite now what are you doing?
Mar 8 2008 5:34PM

hey wat's up comment bac thanks
Mar 5 2008 1:06PM

is practice canceled 2night? i think it would be....well, good i didnt want to go anyways!
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