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haaaa i have another profile that i get on more often its xXblackEMOchicXx

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Mar 26 2010 5:42AM
May 13 2009 11:55AM
haahhhh theres 2 of me
i stole my own pic
May 13 2009 11:32AM
my other profile
my other profile is xXblackEMOchicXx
Apr 28 2009 3:28PM
Leaving this profile for xXblackEMOchicXx
i am leaving this profile
im getting a new one it
is xXblackEMOchicXx
Apr 18 2009 11:13AM
i have spider bites
Apr 18 2009 11:09AM
i changed my liprings yesterday
they are now black ones w/
little horn thingys on both
Apr 12 2009 9:20PM
the story below
the story below is very true about me and my sisters start reading it like 5 blogs below this one
Apr 12 2009 9:19PM
again last time tho continued...
burglary and ive never met him) i didnt like seeing him anyways cause had abused my mom and he was like messed in his head and he was always in jail so he got his rights taken from us first. i remember once he told us that the presents our mom got us for christmas he told us she got them by stealing them form the store so he put them all in a big black bag and threw the bag around the house and broke every single toy in the bag that she got us. after all this we all found eachother again and got adopted by our aunt (moms sister) and we still had problems and stuff and i still am on medication and i still cry almost every night but im pretty much okay and i have been to the hospital like only once since i've been here and i get to see my dad and i only ask my dad for money and he live down the street from me my sisters love him more than ever but i hate him more than ever and he doesnt rlly celebrate holidays with us he does take care of his 2 sons and he lives happily with him and for all i care he can burn in hell with all my haterz and enemies but i rlly dont have any enemies when ppl get mad at me that cant stay mad but im mostly all good now. oh and i live in a home of 10 ppl and i hate it a lot usually cause ppl are annoying and they dont understand me and im usually in my room or on the computer or hanging with my friends. so THATS WHY IM EMO any more questions just ask
Apr 12 2009 9:18PM
and again continued...
even thought about adopting me and they were very willing to change me and my attitude they didnt rlly succeed but they helped a little.well even after this home i went to the hospital but then i went back to their house and i almost got adopted i was a month from having my last name be Climer but something came along because their son thought it would be funny to mess with me one day he was usually nice to me but once he picked me up he was like 2 years older than me i ws like 10 or 11 at the time and i went to school in vinton and my schools name was tilford elementary and i actually rlly liked living at steve and angies.i even called them mom and dad. but when their son messed with me i got very angry cause he picked me up and threw me down (i only weighed like 78pounds) on the grass but it still hurt. oh and b4 when i lived with steve and angie after cindys i went to novak elementary and i lived in marion ( that was kind of random but i 4got 2 tell u b4 well anyways...yeah he hurt me then i told him i was gonna rip his head off and feed it to rusty the dog we had and he told angie and she told steve and they both yelled at me and him cause i told them what he did to me and we both got in trouble but hes not the one with anger problems. so i told them that i was gonna kill myself and they were gonna sit and watch me (omg i just realized how sick in the head i was!!) then guess where i went!!!?? to the hospital!! omg!! i almost forgot to say the very very first foster home but doesnt rlly count because it was like when i was like 4 and i dont remember anything rlly but i remember me and my sisters having a war throwing toys at eachother tht was when we lived with dan and carrie. in between all this chaos we went back and forth from foster home to our mom and dad and for me also to the hospital.when we were in foster care we had visits with our mom and dad but our dad usually didnt show up (he wasnt my real dad tho my real one is in fort dodge in prison for 2nd deg
Apr 12 2009 9:17PM
why im emo continued again...
told her if she tries to take me there i was gonna hurt her too.soo that nite i went to the hospital and i was in there for a couple of months (i was in there 4 easter 2 lolz) and in the hospital they have these levels that you have to be on and you get to pick what you want to eat for dinner and lunch and breakfast. and you have school and they teach you spanish and you have snacks but usually you're in your room and you can go to this room they hav for toys and stuff there like puzzles and dolls and board games and stuff in there and an excersicing bike and you have a group meeting with your counselor or sometimes your pychologist mine was docter jeffery wilharm snd you have to tell them how your day was and how many points you think you earned.i've been to the hospital like 6 or 7 times. another time i went was before cindys and it was the shortest time we were in a foster home.and the last foster home we were in together for 4 years. the reason we got split up was because im very protective over my sisters and they accused the my younger sister not the youngest that she stole money from the foster mom sandy but i kno she didnt and if she tried i wouldnt've let her so i yelled at her and she yelled back and i got mad rlly mad and hit her and one of her adopted kids hit me and my sisters got in it and they yelled at the kid and i was fighting sandy and i bit her and cussed her out and stuff and her kids were fighting my sisters and i got in that and beat her kids up and gave one of them a black eye and broke one of their fingers and so her kids tried to put me in a their van but they couldnt so they called the cops and the cops dragged me (kicking and screaming lolz) into the cop car and they took me to a hospital and and i when i got there i was on shoes the lowest level in the psych ward and it was easy acting nice getting to the highest level planes and when i got out i went to cindys.the home after cindys was at steve and angies the first foster ppl that ever


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