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Hiiii There Dorkuss :D....My name must b Kichae since im a 1 n only n alllll yah kno....BHUT yea i hate u f ;in normal ppl l0l xD.....MY major question is did u evr see sum1 acctually slip on a banana thingy mc bobber l0l.....welll then we will neva kno
mmm tons hunnii

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Nov 19 2010 5:34PM
Miss me .?!
I have nhot been online in like evahh bhut aint non to do sooo.....hit me uhp
Aug 17 2010 5:22PM
Yummy :]
Finna smash sum chiken bhut im upset i couldnt go 2 dah skate park 2daii bhut found me a new huubster :]
Aug 16 2010 2:47AM
Skate park.!.!
So i was aht the skate park 2daii n i fell wen i came off the half pipe n i bust my effin fa doodle l0l bhut im ohhhhhk n ii ghot a new board so freakin happii........n i make the world do ah 360 :D
Aug 16 2010 2:42AM
Lmao dude i mean think
Gosh darniit im so bored n i have nonthin hilarious 2 say aht the moment e.e
Aug 15 2010 2:30AM
A boys mind By: ME
Him: Don't leave me
Her: I wont
His mind/n his head:I can dump her bhut she cant dump me i can leave her n she wuld jus have to siit there n let me do so.....n she jus promised to...
Her mind:wat did i do....wat did i ghet my self n 2.....y wuld i lie


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