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So it says to write something about my self well my name is blake

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Sep 27 2010 10:06PM
yesterday i crashed the car on the high way it was not my brothers fault it was raining like god was crying we were going to turn in the next lane and we almost slipped of my brother was trying to get the car back to normal he could not get it back to normal we slipped of hit the guardrail the visor fell of hit the back window busted it of my dog jumped right on me scratched me my brother called my dad to come pick us up the state trooper came my brother had to go talk to him i had to stay with my dog my dad came but the wreck was way worse than it sounds
Dec 4 2009 9:52PM
OH $#!%
So last year when i was in 3rd grade i did something kind of stupid. Ok so what happend was that somebody in my class named Drew got his harry potter book stolen so that day that he reported his stolen book to the princible. I brought the same harry potter book so everybody was blamin it on me. But guess what Drew was the only one who belived me. So drew new i did not take the book because his book had his name in it. So he told the pearson who kept bothering me so he still kept bothering me after that so i went tackled him and then he put on his little gay mad face and stoped. So later thaat day the princible came and asked me if i ever let the person who stole the book borrow it is said NO!!! But we hade landon in are class as a witness and he said he saw the person who stole the book with the book. Because he was at pearson who stole the book house. So the pricble found out it was just my class mate CJ. And the princble found out that CJ lied to him 23 times. THE END


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