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KENTUCKY, United States
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yea this is me...u wanna get 2 kno me jus holla at me.....!!! ( i also have a myspace )

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Jul 1 2008 1:34PM
i havent been on n a while! i been bored an have been doin my THANG! if u feel ma! holla at me......cuz u kno me, i dont ever have anythin 2 do
May 14 2008 4:32PM
tha 1 friend
well!!!! we friendz once more.......i guess she couldnt live wit out me lol
Apr 23 2008 6:30PM
tha 1 "friend"
shez mad at me 4 a dumb ass reason, so i jus dont care any more.....OH WELL, i guess she jus lost a great person lol!!!!
Apr 7 2008 5:19PM
i been grounded 4 a month now an i have been bored out of my freakn mind. i need 2 go sum wear or do sumthin b4 i go CRAZY.....oh wait,i already have lol!! oh well
Mar 31 2008 5:56PM
i jam
im jammn 2 my fav songz.....
1. lolly pop
2. b**** please
3. sexy can i
4. love n this club
5. shawty get loose
(an a bunch of other rap n stuff)
Mar 25 2008 5:23PM
middle skol drama.....itz so cute! they hav no idea tha it getz much worse wen ur n high skol lol!!!! an 4 sum reason i alwayz get stuck n tha middle of it.....lil ppl adore me lol! but i enjoy bn n the lil intersetin!! bringz bac memories!!!
Mar 24 2008 9:50PM
i need sum friendz! yaa ppl need 2 help me out. get 2 kno me. im not all bad lol!


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shooting girl 7
Apr 10 2008 10:38PM

hey well shown the page a little bit moreeee l-o-v-e haha
Mar 28 2008 10:29PM

juss showin ya pagee summ luv.
show summ bakk:]
shooting girl 7
Mar 28 2008 8:08PM

hey girl shown some love well show some bacc well liking some1 is really confusing
Mar 27 2008 10:15PM

heyy bellz juss showin ya page sum luv don't 4get to show sum bakk
Mar 22 2008 12:15AM

Hey, just showin ur page some luv. remember da first person to give u a comment

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