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dancing in, Ireland
About Me:
I'm beka. I love running!, sports are my life, I'm pretty tall ;P, and I live off Gatorade, chicken nuggets, and water!;D bi.taken<3
Skadoosh!xD....playlist, ask?

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Jul 19 2011 5:31PM
Soo my phone got taken away .-.
Jul 18 2011 1:33PM
My sister just fell off the top bunk :O
Jul 15 2011 12:13PM
Another game in a bit :)
Jul 14 2011 3:03PM
No game-_-
Soo we're playing tag at softball field
Talk about lame.-. Lol
Jul 13 2011 5:35PM
So I go to Mirandas Room, to lay down.
Miranda:wtf are you doing?
Me:taking a nap
Miranda: oh yeah cuz your at your house:D aha jk
Erin:I'm gonna sleep on your brothers bunk bed:)
Miranda: you guys! Why are you soo lazy!!?
Erin: sorry we didn't get to play bench! Lol jk you played the whole ****ing game xD
Miranda whatever-.-
Jul 12 2011 6:35PM
From: .Erin
Date: Jul 12 2011 6:30PM
Subject: Love you! Naaa jk. No jk I do, oh wait.ya nevermind just read the message<3
b**** answer your phone!>.<
Your father is going to kill me! ( not literally,
He wouldn't do that, right?)

Bahahahha! I have your cleats! Come to the field hurry! Your gonna be late!
Jul 12 2011 6:00PM
Grr D:
Practice! Well this should be..
Really boring
Jul 12 2011 3:21PM
No game Today -.-
Jul 11 2011 8:02PM
Hmm, message me?:)
Jul 4 2011 9:05PM
Popping fireworks at the lake house, this fourth of July would be so much better with you by my side:/


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Jul 16 2011 10:46PM

Your dad is my husband!<3
Jul 15 2011 1:27AM

He's supposed to be dead! >:c
Jul 12 2011 5:32PM

**** you! ._.
Jul 12 2011 5:25PM

uhh. I'm ok.
He'll make me run like all practice
xD 6 right?
Jul 12 2011 5:20PM

Do we have practice? Ehhhh,
I'm too lazy, tell your father not to make us run
sayy Erin said pleeeeeeeease!:)
Jul 12 2011 5:03PM

beka! I love you!
And if our game wasn't cancelled,
you'd be at my house! -.-
Jul 12 2011 4:51PM

weak ass (:
Jul 12 2011 12:26PM

message me weak ass (:
sorry, i just love that.
Jul 12 2011 12:21AM

I just love making new friends! :D
Jul 12 2011 12:15AM

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