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Jan 7 2013 10:01PM
If you got my Vote inbox, and you would like to help me, forward that to five people, and tell them to forward it and so on and so on! Thanks!
Jul 8 2012 10:38PM
Aaron Carter~ I want candy
Jul 8 2012 10:28PM
Got twitter?
Then ya better follow me! @xXyourbabeXx I follow back. :)
Jul 8 2012 9:37PM
Im that kind of girl
Im that kind of girl that will sit there and listen. I will always be that kind of girl to care no matter who you are. Im that kind of girl who will sit there and play xbox with my boyfriend, or take silly pictures with him. Im that kind of girl that most don't understand. Im that kind of girl that plays hard to get when I really want you, and tell you when I don't care for you at all. Im that kind of girl that doesn't smoke weed, but I do make mistakes. Im not perfect, but one day I hope someone understands, and loves me for who I am. Till then single.
Jul 8 2012 9:32PM
Tears that drown me from the world, each drop containing a piece of me that I need to let go. Each time you’re brought up in my life another tear falls. I may say I don’t care anymore, but in reality I do. Every time your name is brought up, I think about that time when we walked together hand and hand. Although, every time we talk we end up fighting, and getting angrier; I’m still into you. The way you said my name, and the way you talked about me I felt like I was on cloud nine. I am confused and frustrated at the fact that you seem not to care anymore. You say that you love me still, but your actions prove otherwise? I say sorry for fighting and want to be friends, what in return do you say to me? Understanding your situation is hard, you want me back, and you don’t want us to end. The problem is the pain is unbearable, that I can’t take your **** anymore. Needing your love isn’t what I need. Feeling that there is no right, being friends is out of the question, and there is no moving on in this relationship. The road ends between us. And a new chapter begins for me
Jul 8 2012 9:31PM
Your hand wrapped around me, sliding up and down my legs. Chills go up and down my back, wondering if this is even right. Should I be scared every time you’re around me, or is this normal? The smell of alcohol reeks in your breath, each time I smell the aroma I want to gag. Disgusted of how you treat your body, each time you digest more it’s like your killing yourself; one step closer to dying. Then you reach in your pocket, feeling around trying to find it. Click. Light up the cancer stick, sucking in smoke. Your cool one cough away from dying, one more drink of poising. I try to get it through to you that it’s unhealthy, but you’re too stubborn to listen. Like you explained to me about your father “his mind was set, and that’s the way he chose to die. Kind of sad because he drank his life away.” It’s okay to look at you father in that way, but realizing your problem is not what you wanted to do. You set a goal in life to become something great, going to college, studying and graduating. Too bad you can’t do anything with that because you’re drunk all the time. It sickens me, another life, and another talent ruined over drinking. Hey who am I to judge, that how you want to live your life.
Jul 8 2012 9:30PM
I ponder on the thought, and have wondered what I have done wrong. The town is endangered, and I sit hopeless. Day after day it gets worst, and the darkness swarms in taking over the village.

Although the stars gleam with hope, the clouds take over with hatred. Difficult to even swallow, the fact that the day has come and all hell broke loose. I ask myself if the village will survive after this mass chaos. Even though the answer is so obvious, I pray for it to get better every day.

The innocent town has now become disturbed taken over by evil forces. Slowly each day wrong is getting more powerful, and the village has gone mad. People have started violating each other, making it so apparent that they don’t care about anything, or anyone.

The wind is whispering trying to warn the people yet none of them listen. Each word is disturbing as it hisses in my ears. The moon lights a path to a safe place for anyone who listens. I try so hard to convince people to go, but no one listens. Why is it I speak words, and it means nothing to no one? Almost like everyone is brain washed.

I am frightened that this force will take over all of us. At least I know I listened, feeling like there is only one answer. Uninterested, I flee the village, knowing the damage it will cause. I have stood fierce for so many years, but now it is over powering. It was finally time to escape. The weird thing about it, I was going to miss it. Not the darkness falling in, but it is where I grew up.

Swallowing my pride knowing that this might be the end, I leave only for a new beginning. Following the stars, and hoping for the best. As I looked back on the town, I realized how many good memories I’ve had there.
Jul 8 2012 9:12PM
Use to be
I use to date him.. He use to be mine. I could call him, text him, talk to him all I wanted. He was there for me. Turns out it wasn't real. Nothing was real. The relationship built up on lies, and jokes. Now I look at him and I think what if we were still together? Would we be the type of couple to fight all the time? Would I even be happy? Then I look at his current girlfriend, and compare. Does he treat her right? No. So me, what does this have to do with me? Well guess what? I'm glad he's not mine, I'm glad he's out of my life, because guess what? We would probably be fighting, we would probably be miserable together. Why live life with someone that makes life worst? There is no reason. Plus, I'm only what 15? I still have all my life to go, so why the rush? Why the push of a boyfriend, when I could be just as happy being alone. Looking forward to my future with the guy that I can call mine forever, but until then I will be striving to make myself successful. While some people will be wasting there time on someone who will make you insane, make you sad, and hold you down from something you want to achieve yourself.
Jul 8 2012 9:06PM
Most fun games? Tha ****. Haven't been on in forever. Decided randomly to check it out. Still the same old ****. Find me on twitter Follow it up. @xXyourbabeXx I follow back. Message me directly tweet at me D.M me I will deff get back to you. :)
Jan 22 2012 8:08PM
Havent been on here in what it seems like ages? O.o


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you are absolutely ohmazing!!!!!!
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hey havent talked in for ever
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゙(゚、 。 7
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 じしf_, )ノ/l、
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Aug 18 2009 11:27PM

Blue is to my fave color its alot of peoples and mine a certain shade of blue
Aug 9 2009 3:56PM

hey!! omg need to tell ya about my family drama. email me on m.f.g. when u can talk
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Yay! First comment! Bye beckahboo

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