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you can go on my email at
u can go 2 and look for ...............

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Feb 17 2009 9:13PM
heeeyy guys
what up i know the celiling that's what's up
Feb 14 2009 6:44PM
hey everybody
i am just so sad that i lost my gurlfriend and i wish that she would come back cuz i really love her baby if u are reading this please don't do it please i love u so much write 2 me please luz your baby.don't do it
Jan 2 2009 12:15PM
what it do
hey 2 all the ladies what it do i just can't stop saying that what it do lol luz yall


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Feb 14 2009 2:26PM

Im srry i love u and i always will but i cant go on imm srry ur the only one who i care about and i would kizz u one last time if i could good bye forever
Nov 22 2008 9:08PM

Sup dude!
Nov 15 2008 6:52PM

nuthin much u...? oh and i here to show your page some love bacc
Nov 14 2008 8:16PM

oh yeah..the first comment, im sorta proud of

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