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hi the things i like r talkin,sk8boarding, and listinin to music.and sometimes music tells my mood. bbaeza out

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Nov 23 2010 7:04AM
oh god my life stinks i have always got something that is always more important than the computer and i haven't been on in like forever because of that and now i have to go to school and probably going to get some work that is going to take forever and*sighs*well I'll see u later.
Apr 5 2010 1:52PM
sowwy i haven't been on in a while i'v just been so caught up in wat i do like skateboarding that i never thought of coming on the computer
Apr 5 2010 1:48PM
i a fwiend
if ur a frend of hers like me repost on ur wall to prove to her tht she aint hated come on people join me

add a star

* *
Jan 24 2010 12:07AM
thisguy in sanfransisco got arrested for skateboarding
Jan 23 2010 7:33AM
sorry i haven't been on for a while i got grounded and right now i'm in detroit so.......yeah
Jan 14 2010 2:38AM
i just made a tech deck skate park out of two.......2 cardboard shoe boxes
Jan 2 2010 2:54PM
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Jan 1 2010 11:46PM
happy new year everybody
Jan 1 2010 11:44PM
someone help i'm dieing of being board
Jan 1 2010 10:47PM
95% of ppl think the world will end in 2012.
They are trying to become as safe as possible.
If u r the 5% who would be rolling on the floor laughing ur ass off
repost this


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May 20 2010 6:28PM

i got 1312 views
Dec 25 2009 4:11PM

Merry Xmas. ((:
Dec 24 2009 7:30PM

Awesome buddeh!!
Dec 24 2009 9:04AM

master time
Dec 23 2009 9:28PM

dana r u friends with everyone
Dec 23 2009 5:43PM

be happy please
Dec 13 2009 10:40PM

thats awsum u got 100 views in 2 day i never get dat much
Dec 13 2009 9:31PM

i kno the answer to your riddle
its a match!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPLAUSE *silence* great way to show the love people!
Dec 13 2009 6:46PM

i llove you ur a good friend

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