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Mar 13 2012 9:02PM
I miss you so much, you haven't been on in forever
Not gonna be on as much anymore
Jun 19 2011 1:59PM
I hate Fathers Day so much
Jun 5 2011 12:30AM
I have a tummy ache :(
May 30 2011 12:57AM
:D yay
I have a few mins to talk
May 29 2011 1:06AM
I wasn't thinking
Wow.... I'm in major trouble, I'm probably never gonna see sunlight again.
Idk if i can be on tomorrow or the next, we'll see :/
May 17 2011 10:37PM
From: mildred4love
Date: May 17 2011 10:33PM
Subject: Compliments of the season,
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May 14 2011 1:50PM
ill be back later maybe


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Feb 11 2013 10:46PM

I haven't done this in a while. but, anyways.
I love youu, and I'm lucky to call you mine. and my
best friend. and my boyfriend.
Feb 14 2012 4:27PM

Happy Valentines Day Babe!
I love you <3
Nov 9 2011 6:31AM

I miss you
Oct 1 2011 1:54PM

My little band geek :]
I love you <3
Aug 20 2011 10:45PM

I love you munchkin, forever. I promisee.
Jul 15 2011 11:36PM

So Munchkin. You need to get on soon
cause I miss you a lot and tomorrows our
however many months thingy. And I really
want to talk to you cause I love you and I
miss you so much. Ok so thats all.
Jul 14 2011 10:51PM

Dear Munchkin,
Can you please come on soon?
I miss you, a lot.
Love, Me.
May 20 2011 10:13PM

I love you. <3
Just thought I should tell you
that I love you.
May 16 2011 11:12PM

Heyy you :]
I love you<3
Its our year thing today<3[:
I'm so happy. :]

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