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u know, United States
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i like pizza, nice people, animals, rainbows, candy, ice cream, school, video games, and music. I also like to do origami and beading. I hate mean people who are mean all the time!

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Mar 14 2009 10:08AM
heres a b****......................
someone on this website was being a b**** by saying that im mean and stuff because i wrote on my profile that if ur mean to me than ill be mean to u. and also i wrote that if ur nice to me, than ill be nice to u. she just sent me an e- mail saying im a b****.
Mar 12 2009 7:51PM
i like............................
I like these songs: Love song, love story, right round, and ayer=D
Feb 28 2009 6:13PM
GUESS WHAT........
OMFG my brother punched my sisters tooth out! serious!
Feb 25 2009 7:38PM
I had a great day today=)
But again, I don't know why
Feb 24 2009 7:06PM
I had a terrrrrrible day!
but i don't know why?


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Jun 7 2009 7:28PM

there was a girland a boy the girl told the boy "do u like me?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u like my sense of humor?" the boy said " no" the girl said "will u cry if i leave?" the boy said "no" and the girl left and the boy grab her hand and said "i dont like u, i love u , i dont like ur sense of humor, i love it, and i wont cry i f u leave ill die"

put this in 5 different accounts in less then a 25 mins and click F6 and ur crush will appear on your screen

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