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whos gives a flying ****, United States
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I luk gud and i love to play sports i luv music and i luve the girls. I also play basketball and football. but im just tellin u about me.

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Jun 23 2010 12:09PM
ay if u know noah13 hes a b**** ass nigga all he does is eats his dog ass out and **** it hes a ****ing b**** and hes a ****ing gay ass b**** ass nigga when he was five years old he got ****ed by his dad when he was 10 he got ****ed by his dog and now he a b**** ass nigga all he does is whine and **** in his clothes like a little b****
Jul 2 2009 1:12PM
whos the best nba player right now in the nba
whos the best basketball player right now in the nba is it
lebron james, dwyane wade, or kobe bryant.
so message me who u think is the best nba player
Because i really do not right now cause they are both gud
Jul 1 2009 4:19PM
get off my nuts
have you ever had girl dat ride on ya nuts well i just say b**** get of my nuts


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Aug 3 2010 8:09PM

plz delet comment it is over... ok
Jul 5 2010 1:07PM

i am not fake u dnt trust me no not like i though u did u dnt belive me ok ..... but i can sing and dat is me if u dnt belive ok....
Jun 30 2010 6:29PM

srry just joking
Jun 30 2010 5:55PM

watever i promise u i will never ever call u and about the brithday thing it is off.. ok so u can just pretend like u r ****ing me in ur dream.......
Jun 29 2010 12:27PM

showin sum luv to mi everything bamkiller89 luv u frist comment ....

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