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love to cheer,single,like sports

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Apr 25 2010 5:04PM
so bored
so bored i have nothin to do i was already on facebook but,
dont rteally feel like gettin back on so bye.....!
Apr 19 2010 4:58PM
i had a good day 2day!
just got off the phone wit ma two bestfriends and i am so mad at ma im bout to eat some food so i dont have to get back on here cause nobody be on here anyway so im boyt to get on yahoo of facebook ..........bye!
Apr 16 2010 5:20PM
i cant wait till 2morrow
i will have all of my friends over to talk to.and we will be at the nail salon gettin are nails done !right now i am
talking to my friends makayla&makyra they are twins and they are my best friends today in school i had a bad
day my teacher left early and we had a sub and she was gettin on ma d**mn nerves thats why i cant
wait till 2morrow
Apr 14 2010 7:14PM
skool sucks
skool sucks cdause my teacher is gettin on my nerves and plus we are doing the pssa and i cant wait till that is over because i want to leave skool as soon as possible!thats why skool sucks for me and i need one of my friends to get on here cause it is so boring when u have noone to talk to at all so can somebody get on
here soon or later or 2morrow cause i am soooooooooooo bored on this little website so anyone get
on here so ill have somebody to talk to bye! taht was my blog for today
Apr 12 2010 2:50PM
i cant wait till summer!
i cant wait till summer cause my birthday is going to be i8n the summer and i will be turning 12yaers old and i am going to be so hype! and i will be going to pool parties wit ma friends with some cutie boys or maybe some of my old boyfriends thats why i cant wait till summer
Apr 12 2010 2:47PM
my life is so boring?
my life is so boring cause today i woke up for skool late and i missed my bus so now i had to stay home from skool and sit home all day with my puppy,sister,and my life is also boring because none of my friends are on yahoo or facebook.


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