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alexis is the name. don't forget it because you'll be screaming it later. trevor is my boyfriend. don't hit on me. many best friends. don't like me, bite me. get to know me and send me things. (:

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Dec 6 2008 3:48PM
trevor. (:
this is my first blog in a while. anyways, i'm back with trevor. we started dating on september 18. he's everything to me. this relationship with him has made me realize i couldn't live without him. he's my world. (:
Jul 31 2008 2:54PM
Really upset.
3 dayss ago,on July 28th,one of my best friends died.Her name was Summer Fausnaugh.Rest in peace Sumie. :(
Jul 18 2008 11:01PM
Wishingg i shouldn't have dumped the one i truly liked.
Jun 26 2008 8:36PM
P.s. myy birthday is in 2 dayssss.
Jun 12 2008 6:44PM
Not with Luke anymore.I dumped him. =] Now with somebody else. birthday is in 16 days. =D
Jun 7 2008 8:38PM
You guys need to go to and find me and leave me a message.
May 9 2008 8:59PM
Not single anymore.
Loving him a lot.
Apr 23 2008 7:59PM
Single & not looking
Mar 7 2008 6:24AM
Me & Trevor are together again... =]
Feb 18 2008 8:18PM
Single && currently loving it


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lone cowboy
Apr 13 2008 9:54AM

hey girl whats up? we dont talk no more. im sorry of you hate me.
Feb 21 2008 6:51PM

u broke up with austin and now tate again ive read all ur blogs thats good fer u stayin with a few at a long time its wrong 2 go out fer like a week thats not wat u did dat kool and yes i no this is long
Feb 16 2008 6:22PM

lol yea
Feb 15 2008 12:05AM

Feb 15 2008 12:03AM

never stop having a bf huh havent talked in a while we should chat on 15 after v day i have a real gf so ur not alone
Dec 22 2007 8:43PM

if a fat guy grabs u and puts u in a bag dont worry i told him i wanted u for christmas
Dec 22 2007 2:43PM

jus stoppin by to give u some luv back:P
Dec 19 2007 9:43AM

just stoppin by to show ur page some love........gimmie some back
Nov 26 2007 10:20PM

jus chillin
Nov 25 2007 12:12PM

hey wuts up
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